One of the pains of growing business is the need to for formalising a document managment system for the growing list of procedures and policies you are accumulating.

For larger business there is often a global requirement that you begin the process towards iso certification. However, if you are a small to medium business’ and the management buck stops with you, then its typically internal pressures rather than external regulatory requirements.

Policies, procedures, manuals and forms provide a guide for meeting business objectives and provide
guidance for employees in what steps to take to achieve a desired outcome e.g. product or service
for customers.

If you find your operations rely on an ever growing number of procedures, Its around this stage that we find many of our clients have begun the process researching industry frameworks to bring order to this information. Typically research on Safety management systems, iso accreditation and documentation management systems and work health and safety software are highly common search terms.

To help advise anyone as they approach these pressure points, here is the list of reasons that may indicate that policies and procedures or other documents are

  • There are customer complaints or customer dissatisfaction
  • There are number of accidents and failure rates over time
  • Employees are asking the same question, and there is a general confusion about resolving
  • the issue;
  • The same problem gets solved in a few different ways, and with varying results
  • There is some stress when work is on a complicated task
  • Where the cost of an error is high
  • Where there are strict laws and regulations to follow
  • Whenever a checklist or register might be helpful

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